Vietnamese Iced Coffee – The Best Coffee You Must Try

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Some information about Vietnamese coffee

Ways to make Vietnamese Iced coffee and others

Where to drink Vietnamese Iced coffee

” Saigon Cà Phê Sữa Đá” ( Vietnamese iced coffee), a drink that is quite simple and very common when you travel in Vietnam. As the air is cooler in Hanoi, people love hot coffee – egg coffee. Ho Chi Minh ( aka Saigon) has an equatorial tropical climate all year round, , so people like to drink iced milk coffee or any king of iced drinks.


                                             The condensed coffee

Some information about Vietnamese coffee

Of course, coffee is not an indigenous plant in Vietnam. Coffee was introduced to Indochina region during the French colonial period, as well as rubber trees. In the Central Highlands of Vietnam. from Lam Dong to Buon Me Thuot, rubber and coffee plantation sprout up, then they are exploited and transported to France. Because the climate and soil are suitable for coffee, so far few people know that Vietnam is the world’s second largest coffee exporter after Brazil.

How many types of coffee grow in Vietnam? There are 3 popular types of coffee: Arabica, Robusta, Culli. According to experts, they classify Vietnamese coffee into: Arabica, Robusta, Culli, Cherry and Moka. In particular, Robusta is the most widespread coffee crop in Vietnam. Moka is also known as a branch of Aribaca coffee. Because Buon Me Thuot is situated at an altitude of over 1.500m above sea level, it is considered the capital of the world’s favorite Moka coffee.

Ways to make Vietnamese Iced coffee and others

Traveling along the country Vietnam, each region, each climate will have its own unique blend.

  • Egg coffee: Hanoi and surrounding areas will love to drink hot coffee, light coffee flavor, and a unique drink that captives many people: egg coffee in the perfect combination of pure coffee and egg whites, yolk, condensed milk and honey. The flavor of chicken eggs mixed with milky cream tones and head coffee flavors awaken the senses. The drink must be served hot, so Hanoi is the best place to try as they are the experts in preparing this particular type of Vietnamese coffee.
  • Drip coffee: from the Central to the South of Vietnam, people like this way of making it, anyone can do it. Not only do you enjoy delicious clean coffee while traveling, but you can also take some home to prepare yourself. Using a Stainless steel coffee filter is the best method. Put the coffee powder inside the filter, gently pour boiling water, close the lid, and wait patiently for each drop of dripping coffee to seep through. By mixing a fresh batch each day, you will create your own personalized recipe having the ratio of coffee, water and sugar that you like.
  • Condensed milk coffee with ice: just like egg coffee, the name can surprise you but do not hesitate to try it. This is a way of making coffee, by simply adding a part of condensed milk and ice.
  • Coffee with coconut milk: Indeed this preparation has been used for many years, and recently it has become a very trendy drink for tourists. The coconut milk is squeezed from coconut flesh, then condensed milk and hot coffee is added or you can serve with ice.
  • Coffee filtered with fabric net: this is a traditional coffee preparation and unique in Saigon by Chinese community, not readily known as it is quite an ancient method. Powered coffee is put into a fabric net, then boiled for about 30 minutes. The coffee is prepared in a brown crock pot. For me, this is my favorite type of coffee.

TIP: when ordering this type of coffee, please ask the staff use very little condensed milk. Vietnam hobbyists drink it very sweet, not only coffee but also other beverages, so if you go by the locals taste it might be quite sickly.

NOTE: This drink is delicious, and very fatty because of the coconut, but beware – it can also give you a mild diarrhea if it is mixed in the wrong way.

Where to drink Vietnamese Iced coffee

Vietnamese people have many places to enjoy delicious coffee. They have familiar shops near their residence or workplace, familiar flavors and the great atmosphere when chatting with close friends.

As a foreign tourist, you should choose the brand and space as:

  • Trung Nguyen Coffee
  • Phuc Long Coffee
  • Highland Coffee
  • Cộng Coffee……..

I hope you have learnt some interesting things about Vietnamese coffee in this article and that we have helped you find a refreshing drink.

One more thing, Vietnamese Iced coffee also needs to be accompanied a typical Vietnamese food – found especially Ho Chi Minh city ( former Saigon. Do you know what that is? ” BÁNH MÌ” ( OMG – You haven’t tried it?? It’s de-li-cous!!)- Vietnamese baguette. IndochiaGo will cover this the future article. Remember to follow us!.

Let’s start a new day with A CUP OF ICED COFFE with condensed milk – Sài Gòn Cà Phê Sữa Đá!

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