Charming Laos

The hidden gem of Asia

The Laos People’s Democratic Republic or Lao PDR, the landlocked nation with seven million people has multiple entry points that noted. The country moves as its own measure time as same as the Mekong river flowing through Laos. The cities are less hectic than elsewhere in the South East Asian and travellers can find a combination between the simplest beauty and un- discovery in Laos.

Compared to neighbor countries, Laos is one of the least developed countries because of corruption. But Laos is as an “untouched” Southeast Asian idyll charming by the people’s grace, good humor, tranquil places and less harried past.

The nation has effected by different factors create a Laos” unique culture”, one of these is a country with mountainous territory, a large ethnic minority with 60 spoken languages, Theravada Buddhism is strong influenced in daily life of Laos.


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