Amazing Vietnam

A Land rich in culture and beautiful landscapes

Vietnam is a country founded in rich oral stories of myth and legend. The legend of ancient Vietnam, the union dragon, Lac Long Quan King married a fairy princess from the highland – Au Co produced one hundred offspring are believed to be the ancestors of Vietnam.

With her shaped –S letter, Central Vietnam is a long, narrow coastal plain that the country looks like a thin bamboo pole at whose ends are suspended two bulky rice baskets, the northern and the southern deltas of the Red River and the Mekong. Vietnam has 3000 km coastal line along with the white clean sandy beaches and growing numerous resorts, hotels as reputation of the first class beach destination.

Throughout time, Vietnam was originated from 5000 years ago, she is the one of oldest distinct cultures in the South East Asia influencing by Chinese, Indian, Cham, Khmer, France and others.

Today, Vietnam becomes a vibrant trade hub and thriving destinations in the heart of the South East Asia. The travellers to Vietnam are a grand exploration into the enchanting landscapes, hospitable and charm of people, unique culture in different areas. With possessing historical heritage, Vietnam is a first choice for visitors in searching the South East Asia that listed as “Asia’s Leading Destination in 2021” by World Travel Awards.


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