Things you need to take note when exploring Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia

dev 01/03/2022

The very essence of Indochina, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia are super hot names on the world tourist map in recent years. A journey to Asia travel destinations through the extraordinary beauty of delightful Southeast Asia countries is overwhelmingly engraved in visitors’ minds. From majestic mountain sceneries, beautiful tropical beaches to warm, seaside resorts, friendly locals, all of those things will create a wonderful experience for you when exploring top 3 lands. Whether ancient or modern, the tourism potential in these places is endless, providing an incredible experience.

Discover the beauty of Indochina with alluring sceneries

Discover the beauty of Indochina with alluring sceneries

1. How can we choose one of the best?

Hitting “once-in-a-lifetime”, if you cannot select one of them to go first, why not all? Countless Vietnamese tourist attractions are awaiting for you to explore and enjoy during vacation, especially in February and March. 

These three Southeast Asia countries are the places that contain the mysteries of Pandora’s box. Across the region of this country, you can admire the majestic scenery of the mountains, sunbathing on the beach of Vietnam, immerse yourself in the poetic streets of the old town in Cambodia and become acquainted with the simple lifestyle of local Laotians. 

2. When to go

Your leisure schedule is the most important. Because in each season, each place will bring its own beauty. In case you want to get around them all, January to April is the most appropriate time. For good measure, you have an opportunity to join in their big festivals in the jubilant atmosphere.

So, you need to plan from now on if you don’t want to miss out on this great time. Or else, an Asia travel agency is totally suitable for your tight schedule. Here is a snapshot of some festivals you can be a part of in this season: Tet holiday, Chua Huong Festival in Vietnam, Boun Khoun Khao, Boun Pi Mai in Laos and Khmer New Year in Cambodia.

3. Where to travel

A Pocketful of magnificent landscapes in Vietnam

There are several places that you cannot miss when visiting Vietnam:

  • Hanoi: the capital of Vietnam, located in the north of the country. This is the right place for you to learn about Vietnamese culture, history and discover the “slow living” lifestyle of the indigenous people. Some interesting places in Hanoi can be mentioned: Hanoi’s four sacred temples, Uncle Ho’s mausoleum, the Old Quarter ,…

The Old Quarter is Hanoi's top tourist attraction

The Old Quarter is Hanoi’s top tourist attraction

  • Ha Long Bay: being recognized as a modern world natural heritage, one of the most favorite Asia travel destinations of foreign tourists. Ha Long Bay owns about 1900 limestone islands with diverse and vivid shapes. Not only that, the seafood here is also super fresh to enjoy.
  • Hue – Danang: with 2 opposing styles, a quiet, poetic Hue and a dynamic, new Da Nang will be a great combination if you are looking for a destination in central Vietnam. With this route, you can both learn about the ancient craft villages and the history of the ancient capital of Hue, while enjoying the bustle of the developing city – Da Nang.
  • Mekong Delta: a fertile strip of land being accreted by alluvium all year round, this place has a rich ecosystem and wild nature for you to explore. One of the most fascinating experiences you cannot miss is going to the floating market and discovering the peaceful life in small riverside villages.

Boating on the green islands is an experience you cannot miss when coming to Vietnam

Boating on the green islands is an experience you cannot miss when coming to Vietnam

Lose yourself in Laos

Coming to Laos, you will be mesmerized by the beauty of the sacred temples, beautiful waterfalls, unique Buddha statues, and the hospitable smiles of local people. This is also a destination chosen by many young people for their journey of discovery in recent years. You can either choose an Asia travel agency or travel by your own, but cannot miss these following things.

  • Vientiane: the capital of Laos, attracting tourists with unique and attractive historical sites. Coming to Vientiane, you can visit Patuxai – The Arc de Triomphe of Asia, Pha That Luang, Buddha Garden, Talat Sao, Wat Phra Keo,…

The beauty of Patuxai - The Arc de Triomphe of Asia under the sunset

The beauty of Patuxai – The Arc de Triomphe of Asia under the sunset

  • Xieng Khuang: a vast, vast steppe land with a peaceful lifestyle and wild and majestic natural scenes. Xieng Khuang attracts tourists with the historical site of the Plain of Jars, the natural hot springs in Muang Kham, That Foun.
  • Luang Prabang: one of the world heritages recognized by UNESCO, Laos’ ancient capital attracts visitors with peaceful and close beauty of the countryside. Luang Prabang has many beautiful sights that you can explore, including: Wat Xieng Thong Temple, Wat Wisunarat Temple, Kuang Si Waterfall, Royal Palace Museum and Mount Phou Si.

Kuang Si Waterfall - one of the most beautiful Asia travel destinations

Kuang Si Waterfall – one of the most beautiful Asia travel destinations

Besides the scenic spots, when you come to Laos, you can also learn about the culture, history and especially the river lifestyle of the people in the areas along the Mekong River. Wandering and learning culture with traditional villages: Ban Xanghai, Ban Phanom and the Arts and Ethnology Centre will also be a memorable experience.

Let your hair down in Cambodia

Known to tourists around the world for its ancient towers in the Angkor area, Cambodia has much more to offer than just sights and cultures worth exploring in Asia travel packages .

  • Phnom Penh: the capital of the Kingdom of Cambodia, is one of the most attractive destinations in this country such as Royal palaces, National museums, ancient towns, Wat Bo pagoda, Wat Preah Prom Rath pagoda, Angkor Silk Farm, temples and historical sites are the places you should not miss when coming here.

Coming to Phnom Penh, you must definitely visit the royal palace

Coming to Phnom Penh, you must definitely visit the royal palace

  • Siem Reap: Cambodia’s famous tourist destination, Siem Reap is located in a key position near Tonle Sap Lake, nearby the Battambang river and most importantly, the complex of Angkor monuments. Besides serving as a transit city for other prominent Cambodian tourist attractions, Siem Reap also has notable attractions in the inner city such as Angkor National Museum, Wat Bo Temple, Wat Preah Prom Rath Temple , Angkor Silk Farm.

In particular, you can hire a local travel guide Cambodia if you want to explore the unknown corners of the city. In particular, the Old Market area with restaurants and eateries of all prices and the Western Quarter will be quite attractive entertainment spots. Otherwise, you can refer to our Discovery Indochina Tour for a dedicated guide and enjoy the top fascinating places.

A corner of Old Market in Siem Reap - a place you cannot miss when traveling in Cambodia

A corner of Old Market in Siem Reap – a place you cannot miss when traveling in Cambodia

Even if you are looking for a holiday to get away from it all or put your feet up to enjoy with your family, these Asia travel destinations are places of interest and dispel the daily routine. Don’t forget to contact with Indochinago to experience the best service in the worth and possess an affordable and amazing journey.

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