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Located on the Indochina peninsula, Cambodia is one of the very first countries you should visit if you are passionate about the mystery of the East. Just stepping foot in Cambodia, you have fallen head over heels for the enchanting scenery despite the serious deforestation crisis. Moreover, welcoming you is a smile from Cambodians, who live a different style compared to Western visitors. That’s why Cambodia tour itinerary is a part of attractiveness with family outing, friend traveling or spouse dating of foreign tourists. Join with Indochinago to discover this gorgeous place right here.

Join with Indochinago and explore the Cambodia tour itinerary

Join with Indochinago and explore the Cambodia tour itinerary

1. The Ancient Ruins of the Giant Angkor

If you are a fan of Tomb Raider, the 2001 Hollywood hit starring Angelina Jolie, you are actually captivated by scenes of the ancient city- Ta Prohm. Scene of witnessing the very first glimpse of sunlight has become an iconic tourist attraction to induce millions Western visitors.

Watching the sun appear and move upwards to the temples is a bucket list moment in itself. But in order to avoid the crowds, you shouldn’t visit it at sunrise in the Cambodia tour itinerary. Furthermore, you cannot ignore the ancient temples at Angkor Wat – a surprisingly attractive topic for archeologists over time. 

As a famous symbol – a historical witness of Cambodia, Angkor Wat was built between 1113 and 1150 and is the largest religious monument in the world. This is a place you definitely cannot miss when traveling here. The unique construction covering smile stones and incredible temples have created fantasty Banteay Kdei, Ta Prohm, Phnom Bakheng,…

Experience river life in Cambodia will be one of the greatest thing ever in your life @luxuriousmagazine

Experience river life in Cambodia will be one of the greatest thing ever in your life @luxuriousmagazine

2. Alluring panorama

Although most of Cambodia is rural, the landscapes here are extremely diverse. Traveling here, you can both experience life in floating villages, explore large rivers, and immerse yourself in humid tropical forests like the Amazon forest.

You can go to the Koh and Tatai areas to experience exciting outdoor activities such as kayaking on the river, kayaking through the mangrove forests, trekking,… In addition, the local birds in Tonle Sap are also quite interesting for you to explore. This time, you can find a travel guide Cambodia to help discover the country.

Cambodia also has the sea, and the sea here is no less beautiful than the Thai sea. However, very few people visit the beaches in Cambodia and consider sea tourism as the purpose of visiting this country.

Photo of a luxury villa in Koh Rong

Photo of a luxury villa in Koh Rong

You can find the best beaches on the small islands of Cambodia. Through Sihanoukville, you can reach any island via ferry and speedboat from the port. The resorts on the island are thoughtfully served with high quality. If you are a sea lover, visiting resorts like Koh Rong and Samloem seems to be a great choice.

3. Friendly local people

Not just breathtaking scenery, Cambodians are so lovely that you are surprised at their warmth and super kindness. Notably, they are proud of their strong history, rich culture and traditional arts. Their pride is shown through story and discussion about their home village.

Coming to Cambodia, you can enjoy their family life by staying in homestays or jungle camps. They are also popular forms of accommodation here, with the participation of local people from the ideation stage to the construction and maintenance of these rental areas. 

Cambodia has beautiful mountain roads

Cambodia has beautiful mountain roads

Resorts are built to help local people earn their living and tend to be environmentally friendly. Chances are you’ll be drawn to the lovely, quiet lifestyle of this place. If you are into boisterous parties full of people, you can join the local festivals held every year. 

3. Delightful odysseys

Beautiful natural scenery, friendly locals and a worth learning culture – history, Cambodia will certainly be a heavy choice for your next adventure destination.

Below, Indochinago will introduce to you our outstanding Cambodia tour itinerary.

Discovery Vietnam – Laos – Cambodia

As a prominent destination in the “Discovery Vietnam – Laos – Cambodia”, Cambodia will surely appear in your eyes with a particular image. Through learning about the lives of people along the Mekong River, you can explore the unique beauties of the local culture and the festivals with bold identities.

Discover Indochina’s culture through “Discovery Vietnam - Laos - Cambodia tour”

Discover Indochina’s culture through “Discovery Vietnam – Laos – Cambodia tour”

Not only can you witness with your own eyes the sacred morning almost giving of the Lao people, discover the ancient beauty of Hoi An, and the hustle and bustle of Western Vietnam, you will also have the opportunity to visit the most attractive tourist destinations in Cambodia such as Angkor temples, Ta Prohm mausoleums,…

Vietnam’s Mekong Delta & Temples

This tour is a great way for you to discover the real life of local Cambodian and Vietnamese people. Along the Mekong River, you not only have the opportunity to understand about river life, but also learn about the spiritual life of Cambodian people through famous monuments.

Getting the same weather as Southern Vietnam and Laos, Cambodia has two main distinct seasons: the dry and the wet one. The simpler weather system of this country helps you have a chance to visit it all year round.

The beauty of labor in Prey Veng

The beauty of labor in Prey Veng

Normally, the weather in Cambodia will be separated differently by region. Therefore, if you want to find the best time to visit Cambodia, you need to understand the most basic features of the weather distribution here.

4. When is the best time to visit?

As the global vaccine rollout gains momentum, luckily, travel restrictions to Cambodia are easing. It is finally open and welcoming tourists back. Travelers need a maximum of a 72-hour negative COVID 19 result in English and 2-dosed vaccination.

The dry season in Cambodia lasts from October to late April next year, with the special feature being the dry north-east monsoon. This kind of monsoon will blow hot winds across the country. The dry season has two specific kinds of temperature: cooler from November to January (with average temperatures hovering around 24°C-26°C) and scorching hot from April to the first months of the wet season (temperature in excess of 35°C).

Meanwhile, the wet season varies from May to October. In contrast to the dry season, the wet season in Cambodia is influenced by the southwest monsoon. During this season, rainfall accounts for 75% of the annual amount of rain in Cambodia. Although the first months of the rainy season are still very hot due to the influence of the dry season, the rains still occur, just not too frequently.

Therefore, before deciding your Cambodia tour itinerary, you should check the temperature and climate status here in order to have an enjoyable trip.

You can experience the rainy season life in Cambodia with floating boats @asianway

You can experience the rainy season life in Cambodia with floating boats @asianway

Not as luxurious and flashy as the previous places that you have visited, the simple rusticity and somewhat unspoiled beauty of Cambodia will make your soul become more relaxed and happy. If you have not been to Cambodia before, we recommend that you choose a reliable Cambodia tour travel company to make the trip go as smoothly as possible.

Indochinago is always ready to welcome and serve you to learn and discover the beauty of Indochina countries!

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